9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. CST

Dave Kanicki

Ag Equipment Intelligence

A timely presentation from Dave Kanicki, Editor & Publisher ofAg Equipment Intelligence, on the newest, just completed findings (October) of the 2020 Dealer Business Outlook & Trends — Farm Equipment Forecast. This is the only primary research, now in its 15th year, that projects unit sales directly at the machinery dealer level.

In this session Dave will discuss:

  • How dealer sentiment progressed through the year and where we are vs. a year ago
  • What dealers are thinking about 2020, including what type of equipment is expected to drive the most growth and what equipment pricing they are expecting
  • How dealers are thinking about older equipment, parts and service
  • How precision ag is serving as a driver of demand in the current state of the industry
  • And more…



Farmer Panel and Live Q&A

11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CST

Innovative farmers of various crops and farming practices explain the how’s and why’s of their operations, equipment choices, ongoing challenges and changes they’ve made and intend to make.

In this session our farmer panelists will share valuable insight as to what they expect to see in the fields in 2020, including:

  • How volatile weather has and will affect their farming operations
  • Trends that are making their way to the fields – for better or worse
  • What they want to see from the dealers and manufacturers
  • And more…

Dealer Panel and Live Q&A

1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. CST

Executives from privately owned dealerships and private equity funded farm equipment dealership groups will give a “state of the industry” look at their dealership operations. This panel will shed light on used machinery inventories, replacement cycles, profitable aftermarket business and pre-orders. They will also share local farmers’ confidence for year-end sales in 2019. Also, some explanation of distribution trends by the major line ag equipment manufacturers and consolidation of dealerships and distribution channels.

Additionally, our dealer panel will take a deeper dive on important topics like:

  • How poor planting conditions are affecting optimism for 2020
  • The uncertainly being created by the ongoing trade disputes with China
  • Staffing concerns due to an increased focus being put on aftermarket sales and service
  • And more…

Shortline Manufacturer Panel and Live Q&A

3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. CST

Executives from shortline manufacturing companies who will provide a view from the world of specialty ag equipment, as the machinery side of the business is not just about tractors and combines. This panel will shed light on the cyclicity of the business relative to tractor and combine sales.

Our shortline manufacturer panel will also discuss what they expect 2020 to look like for their businesses, including:

  • What the biggest demand drivers are for their product
  • Optimism for future product demand
  • How trade/commodity volatility is affecting early orders
  • And more…

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Ag Equipment Intelligence 2020 Executive Briefing ($899.00) – Includes the full day of sessions with live Q&A and access to recorded sessions after the event.


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This 48-page special management report is published each October and sent only to Ag Equipment Intelligence subscribers, providing a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of key developments and trends of the past year, and insightful forecasts and commentary for the year ahead.

It features Ag Equipment Intelligence’s primary research of trends at the dealer level, and breaks out dealerships by country, by region, by equipment brand and size of the dealership. It also includes in-depth North American farm equipment industry retail sales & inventory data, used farm equipment pricing and inventory analysis, expert analysis of industry trends and other focused topics that impact ag equipment sales.

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• Annual AEI Big Dealer ReportLearn more


A collaboration between Ag Equipment Intelligence and the Machinery Advisors Consortium, the annual “Big Dealer” Report is the only report of its kind that provides the industry with a thorough, by-the-numbers analysis into the shifts in dealer ownership, along with insight into the implications these shifts have on their business. The result of a yearlong, ongoing examination into the dealer landscape, this report features…

  • A complete listing of “big dealers” by number of locations and major brand
  • A look at shortline brands and other equipment carried by these dealers
  • Details behind the changes among large dealerships
  • The most up-to-date merger and acquisition news on North American "big dealers"
  • In-depth coverage of major dealer M&A events during the prior year
  • Commentary and perspective on emerging industry trends

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The first edition of the “Shortline-Only Dealerships Report: Independent Dealers Not Affiliated with Major Line Manufacturers” is a first of its kind project that aggregates information on more than 300 shortline-only dealerships and more than 400 dealer locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. These dealerships are not affiliated with and do not carry equipment offered by AGCO, Case IH, John Deere, Kubota or New Holland.

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• AEI Big Shortline ReportLearn more


This first-of-its-kind report is the result of an exhaustive 2-year project by Ag Equipment Intelligence editors to aggregate the key business metrics of more than 120 shortline equipment manufacturers throughout the U.S.

For virtually every manufacturer listed you’ll find information on:

  • Product categories
  • Brand names
  • Size of their manufacturing operations
  • Number of employees
  • Revenue ranges

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AEI Custom Research Reports (Total Value: $1,446.00)

• High Speed Compact Discs: U.S. Market Overview Learn more


A new study, including primary research, of this tillage practice originally developed in Europe and its impact on the U.S. farm equipment market. This new Ag Equipment Intelligence Custom Research report will provide sales and forecast data on key metrics on high speed tillage, along with survey data from dealers in 18 states that accounted for 94% of corn acreage. This report is a summary of nearly 10 years of monitoring the practice and its application in the U.S. — along with brand new survey data — and will answer these key questions:

  • Current usage and sales potential of compact discs
  • Percentage of corn producers using high speed compact discs
  • High speed compact disc history
  • Manufacturers and their brand presence
  • Dealers' interest and influences on future potential for compact disc usage

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• 2019 Industrial Hemp Report Learn more


From June to August 2019, Ag Equipment Intelligence conducted a primary research project to determine the market potential of hemp for the world of ag equipment and how that market is projected to look in the coming years. Hemp, classified in the U.S. as cannabis containing less than 0.3% THC, was declassified as a controlled substance in the 2018 Farm Bill, opening up a world of new possibilities for American agriculture. This study provides an in-depth view into the following areas:

  • How the hemp plant works and what has led to its popularity
  • How to plant, maintain, harvest and prepare the hemp plant
  • The equipment hemp farmers are currently using and plan to use in 2020
  • Best practices for farmers and equipment dealers getting started with hemp
  • Which manufacturers are currently making hemp-specific ag equipment
  • Where the hemp market currently stands and where experts think it is headed

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• Vertical Tillage Report

• U.S. Ag Census Data Report

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