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This report from Ag Equipment Intelligence was compiled to provide market researchers and others who need to get a handle on farm tractor sales on an international scale to determine ongoing unit sale trends on an international basis.

Tractor sales are important and considered a bellwether in discerning the general health and overall sales trends of the farm equipment industry around the world.

This 16 page report covers 2020 sales of tractors used in agriculture, grounds care and for other applications in various regions of the world. In all cases, it compares 2020 unit sales to 2019 sales. In many cases, it also includes 5 or 10 years of unit sales history. This provides a clear view of short and long term trends in the sales of farm tractors.

Ag Equipment Intelligence editors and editorial contributors utilized a variety of reliable sources (which are indicated for each country represented) to estimate the number of tractors sold in various countries in Europe, North America, South America and other regions of the world.

Analysis of sales trends are provided for 15 countries in this report, while additional data is provided for 25 European Union countries, which was released in Axema’s 2021 Economic Report and based on data from Systematics International Ltd. 

For example, of the 15 countries where analysis is provided, Turkey showed the most growth with a nearly 84% year-over-year increase in total tractor sales in 2020, while sales of tractors in New Zealand demonstrated the biggest decline, dropping by more than 15%.

Combined, the 2020 sales of tractors in these 40 countries are estimated at over 1.4 million units covering all horsepower ranges. Excluding data from India, a market which contains a significant number of lower horsepower tractors, such as 2-wheel “walking tractors,” total tractor sales for 2020 totaled over 600,000 units.

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