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Alternatives to Fossil Fuels in Farm Machinery: Overview & Outlook Through 2027

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Amid all the political and regulatory pressures to reduce on and off-road vehicle emissions, U.S. farming has been identified as responsible for 11.2% of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. Despite the rhetoric about what constitutes environmentally friendly power, many believe the alternative power sources “train” has already “left the station” and the race for the lead in fuel choices has begun.

A 2022 commissioned research report brings you THE AUTHORITY on energy sources in farm equipment via Ag Equipment Intelligence’s Alternatives to Fossil Fuels in Farm Machinery: Overview & Outlook Through 2027.

According to primary research data from August 2022, U.S. farm machinery dealers project that the petroleum-based diesel/gas share of the market will fall to 69.3% by 2027, while renewable diesel, electric and ethanol will rise to 10.2%, 7.9% and 6.1%, respectively. Propane/compressed gas and ammonia/hydrogen fuel cell, meanwhile, are currently expected to achieve a 4.4% and 2.1% share of the market by 2027.

This online-exclusive report features original reporting from expert farm machinery journalists as well as primary research on the impact that alternative fuels will have on North American equipment dealers, manufacturers and suppliers over the next 5 years.

This compilation covers a state of the technology review of alternative fuels and includes primary research of North American dealers. This authoritative report provides you with the insight you need to strategically position your business for changes in the fuel choices that power the machinery on the farm. Inside you’ll find…

  • What’s driving the alternative fuel push in agriculture.
  • Layman’s term explanations of each of the leading fuel choices, their driving trends and practical pros and cons.
  • Individual sections on electricity, hydrogen/ammonia, biofuels, ethanol, biodiesel, renewable diesel and biomethane.
  • Product announcements from major manufacturers indicating the various fuel choices on which the “wagons are being hitched.”
  • Numerous charts/graphs directional for understanding of the alternative fuel landscape.
  • Poll results from North American growers on the most likely prospects they see for fuels.
  • Share of market projections for the various fuel choices by 2027.
  • Curated commentary from North American dealers, including the impact that various fuel sources will have on their structure, capital investment plans and staffing of service techs and salespeople.
  • Additional hotlinked resources vetted by the Ag Equipment Intelligence team to continue to provide you with the latest, most credible and real-time content on alternative fuels, as it happens.
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Use the data and analysis in this report to position your business for success as fuel choices and/or mandates evolve. You'll find valuable, digestible knowledge from different corners of the ag industry that you can immediately use in you and your team’s understanding for action-based strategic planning.



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