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Autonomous Farm Equipment: U.S. Farm Adoption & Outlook

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The editors of Ag Equipment Intelligence bring you the authority on autonomous farm equipment, the Autonomous Farm Equipment: U.S. Farm Adoption & Outlook report. 

Global demands for food, fuel and fiber are expected to dramatically increase over the next 25 years. At the same time, continuing labor shortages have growers seeking out technology to reduce labor while more precisely applying applied crop inputs via variable-rate technology.

This exclusive report features original analysis from farm machinery experts coupled with primary research on the impact that autonomous and robotic farm machinery will have on North American equipment dealers, manufacturers and suppliers.

This custom research report, commissioned in late 2022, offers a summary of autonomy’s technological progression and indicates that the intersection of remote sensing, internet connectivity and rapid technology advances have ushered in a new tipping point for fully-automated farm operations.

Inside this report you’ll learn: 

  • The logic behind projections for automated farm equipment to command 5%-15% penetration by 2027, and adoption rates of 50% in high-value crop areas.
  • How the initial adoption of autonomous and robotic technology for repetitive tasks is directly meeting labor challenges.
  • Examples of currently available, fully-automated farm equipment and their uses.
  • Why the planting and harvesting operations are further on the adoption curve.
  • How autonomous technology will impact on-farm service and on-farm business models, along with changes in the size of future farm equipment and how it is deployed.
  • What the limiting factors are to widespread adoption of autonomous technology on North American farms.
  • An up-to-date census of global autonomous farmmachinery suppliers, including boots-on-the-ground reporting from expert trade journalists from two international exhibitions.
  • Primary research from Ag Equipment Intelligence’s September 2022 surveys — of both North American farm machinery dealers and nearly 500 North American growers — on the outlook for autonomous technology and the factors influencing  its adoption and reluctance.

This informative research report helps you and your business understand the opportunities, and threats, to the future of the farm machinery business. You’ll find thought-provoking insights and resources to assist you in your own business plans.