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Oil Refineries Increase Running Capacity to Replenish Stocks

While increased supplies of refined products might offer lower pump prices for motor fuels in some cases, experts say the boosts in production likely will be aimed at replenishing stockpiles of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel drawn down as the nation returned to work after the effects of COVID.

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Handicapping the Alternative Fuels Race

Given social and political pressure to remove carbon-based fuels from the marketplace and the subsequent reluctance of petroleum refiners to invest in additional throughput capacity, it’s apparent that ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel (ULSDF), will lose its undisputed top billing.
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University of Minnesota Scientists Successfully Fuel Tractor with Fertilizer

Researchers at the University of Minnesota Morris (UMM) have invented a method by which farm tractors are able to run on a mixture of diesel fuel and anhydrous ammonia. According to MPR News, UMM researchers used a 70/30 blend of diesel and fertilizer and are hopeful that the tech’s increasing cost-effectiveness can help cut down farm equipment emissions by as much as 50%.
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