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CNH Industrial & AGuru Partnership Reflects Growing Importance of Strip-Till

In this episode of On The Record, we examine the CNH Industrial's recently announced partnership with AGuru Machinery and how it reflects on the state of the strip-till equipment market. In the Technology Corner, we take a look at the future of AGCO and Bosch BASF's smart spraying partnership. Also in this episode: CNH Industrial's dealer inventory levels, Colorado Right to Repair concerns and corn fertilizer expenses. This episode of On The Record is brought to you by Agrisolutions.
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On the Record

Big Dealers Now Operate Over 2,600 Locations

In this episode of On The Record, we examine the preliminary results of the 2023 Ag Equipment Intelligence Big Dealer report. In the Technology Corner, Noah Newman takes a look at FarmWave's harvest loss technology. Also in this episode: European investment comes to a Manitoba dealership, the majors' 2022 investments and acquisitions and why John Deere and Case IH are going for integrated solutions in their tech stacks. This episode of On The Record is brought to you by Agrisolutions.
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Big Dealers Own 33% of All Ag Stores in 2021

Based on preliminary results from Ag Equipment Intelligence’s 2021 Big Dealer Report, dealer consolidation has showed no signs of slowing down. While the total number of big dealers dropped to 190, the total number of stores owned by big dealers rose from 2,240 in 2020 to 2,351 in 2021, an increase of 5%.

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Big Dealers Continue Expanding Their Reach

The ink was barely dry on Ag Equipment Intelligence’s “2013 Big Dealer” report when a spate of new acquisitions were announced that underlined our analysis that even medium-size dealers with multiple locations are targets for the biggest farm equipment dealer groups.
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