Security 500

6/2/18 2:23 pm EST
The Roosevelt
New York City, NY
United States

Executive Program for Security Leaders

CEOs are focused on growth and performance and successful security leaders need to focus on business resilience and continuity. Security needs to be involved in overall organizational performance and avoid being viewed as a narrow, technical function.

The 2011 Security 500 program is designed to bring you face to face with the most successful leaders who will share their strategies and ideas with industry peers in an interactive format and enjoyable networking environment. 

2010 Conference Keynote and Emcee:

Keynote: Tom Mahlik
Deputy Assistant Director-NCIS

Saving America's Intellectual Property Soul 
Intellectual property theft cost American businesses and universities billions in revenue and market capital and brand equity, reduces our tax base and costs Americans jobs. There are solutions to prepare and prevent IP theft at your organization. Find out what your organization needs to do now to protect it from potentially devastating economic loss.
Emcee: Lynn Mattice
Boston Scientific, VP and CSO (Retired) and Currently Chairman of Security Executive Council's Board of Advisors






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