Robbing Fort Knox: Why Layering is the Key to Real Security

4/26/18 2:23 pm EST


NOW ARCHIVED: Robbing Fort Knox: Why Layering is the Key to Real Security

Duration:60 minutes, includes Q&A
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If Fort Knox had only one gate and one guard with one gun, it would already be empty. However, it is considered by many to be one of the most secure facilities on the planet because it has layers of legitimate barriers to keep out unwanted eyes and greedy fingers. Though your organization probably could not afford nor would ever need that same level of protection, having layers of practical security options can help safeguard your facilities, people and assets, both physically and virtually.

Attend this free webinar to discuss and discover the following topics:

  •  Why multiple security features on a card or credential are better at circumventing fraud or theft
  • How overlapping process workflows in your credential management system can eliminate security gaps
  • What kind of “layered” options are available on the market that could help in your specific organization 

Shane Cunningham
Marketing Communications Manager - US/Canada, Digital Identification Solutions

Shane has been involved in both Sales and Marketing in the identification and security industry for 15 years, with various responsibilities, including technical support, software testing, and designing graphical interfaces. Though his experience working for software and hardware integrators that created several well-known desktop ID software families, and by listening to the growing needs of today’s facility managers and security professionals, he understands the current trends in card management and multi-application ID solutions, including the rising need for layered security solutions to authenticate access and verify individual identity.

Bill Zalud

Editor Emeritus

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