Texas-based Multi-Seal Corp., which specializes in air-lock tire technology, was recruiting equipment dealers from its exhibit at the National Farm Machinery Show. The 25-year-old company says its tire sealant is capable of eliminating 95% of all flats and sealing punctures up to a half-inch.

The firm’s technology is based on the use of high tech synthetic sealing fibers and fillers. By installing the sealant into the tire as early in its life as possible, punctures can be sealed at the instant they occur, and last throughout the life of the tire.

The tire sealant is an easy fit in farm equipment dealership operations, particularly at the parts counter. The proven sales program offers the farm equipment dealership a complete system of sales, pricing and installation, to quickly and easily add profit to the bottom line.

With simple charts and price sheets, including specific models of equipment, the sales process can be your salesman’s easiest sale, say company officials. Multi-Seal reports that a Kubota dealership added $14,000 to the bottom line in its first 6 months alone.

Among the farm machinery dealerships succeeding with the program are Lansdowne-Moody, Lashley Tractor Sales and Ewald Tractor.

For more information, visit www.multiseal.us or email info@multiseal.us.