I caught up with the precision ag team at single store John Deere dealer Eis Implement in Two Rivers, Wis. With busy season winding down a bit, precision ag manager Eric Hagenow and precision specialist Phil Davister reflected on how much business has grown over the last several years, and the type of precision equipment they’re dealing with the most.

Eric Hagenow, Precision Ag Manager, Eis Implement: “For us it’s always corn planters, getting fertilizer systems up and running. Sidedress units are big. We do some pull type sprayer work. A lot of it is just general steering, getting screens and receivers on track.”

Phil Davister, Precision Ag Specialist, Eis Implement: “It’s getting that first piece in their tractor, and then after that, the second and third take care of themselves. It’s hard overcoming that initial sticker shock on the price tag, but then once growers get into it and see it, they see the benefits and the phone calls come easier.”

Eric Hagenow, Precision Ag Manager, Eis Implement: “We always kid ourselves every year we think we’re going to run out of things to do, and it doesn’t happen. A lot of these older growers are grabbing onto this technology now. The things that John Deere is coming out with makes it a little more affordable. People are getting involved with it. We don’t run out of work; it just doesn’t happen.”

Eric helped launch the Eis precision department 10 years ago. It consists of 4 people, including an administrative person who helps take care of inventory and all the paperwork, which makes a huge difference because the precision specialists wear many hats from sales to parts to service.