A long-standing farm equipment dealer has announced he will be moving to a new location by the end of summer.

Tim Call, owner of Empire Tractor at 5563 East Main Rd., Batavia, has purchased the former dealership occupied by Ognibene Ford.

"We have already started some renovations inside, and plan to move later in the summer," Call said. "Right now is our busy season, and we don't want to deal with moving right now."

Call said the move was prompted by the fact his lease on his current location runs out in November and he needs more room.

"Farm equipment is getting so big now, we have trouble getting it in our shop," he said. "The 8,000 square foot shop at the new building is bigger than both our parts room and shop where we are now."

Anticipating the move and more room, Call has already hired more mechanics, and now he will have room to put them to work, he said.

Call is excited about owning the Ford property, as his father Robert started Batavia Farm Equipment in 1960 in one of the buildings on the property. In 1998, Robert built the equipment dealership on Route 98 north of Batavia, where Monroe Tractor is now.

Tim graduated from Cornell University in 1982 and started working that summer at his father's dealership. When Case bought International Harvester in 1985, Tim went to work for Monroe Tractor. He left in 1994 to purchase Ford/New Holland from Carl Colantonio at 5563 East Main Rd.

In 2000, the business merged with RMC and Fingerlakes Tractor to form Empire Tractor.

Call said they plan to have a grand opening celebration when the move is complete.