A nice boost coming to the Ozarks job market. John Deere Reman of Springfield has finalized plans to build a new facility in Strafford, Mont. The $14 million project will create 55 new quality jobs over five years.

According to a company news release the 275,000 square feet facility in the new Strafford Industrial Park will serve as the central core processing and storage location serving John Deere dealers around the country.

Company officials also say that the project will help its current facility in Northeast Springfield continue to grow.

John Deere Reman was founded in 1998. It currently remanufactures equipment components at a plant in Partnership Industrial Center.

"This additional facility will enable the growth of John Deere's remanufacturing business. Remanufacturing is a proven process for recycling components into like-new parts for a highly desirable customer repair solution," said Don Flatau, General Manager, John Deere Reman.

Strafford Industrial Business Park is a 130 acre tract and is located inside the city of Strafford adjacent to Highway 125 and Highway OO, parallel to Interstate 44.

"This industrial park will help facilitate growth in Strafford. We look forward to continued development and the presence of John Deere Reman in the community," said Mayor of Strafford, Barb Helvey.