Case IH made its presence felt at the National Farm Machinery Show last month, introducing its new AFS Furrow Command technology suite, which includes downforce automation.

Case IH seeding marketing manager Trent Nowosad says AFS Furrow Command downforce automation will take down-pressure settings on their Precision Disk Air drills to the next level.

“The system does a number of things. Of course, it makes it a lot easier to set that down pressure. It also allows us to have superior seed placement because it allows us to deal with variabilities in the field such as hard soil or uneven residue spreads. When the drill encounters that (field variabilities) the system will react. And thirdly, above all, it will allow us to reduce the maintenance costs because we’re always setting the right down pressure for the conditions. We’re not overapplying it which can cause extended wear on coulters, scrapers and gauge wheels.”

AFS Furrow Command downforce automation hits the market this spring. We’ll have more from the Case IH booth on the Farm Innovations YouTube channel.