Väderstad has acquired parts of the Danish company Thyregod. By doing this a full product range of inter-row cultivators is added to the current Väderstad product portfolio.

Thyregod A/S is a Danish agricultural brand with roots that go back to 1918. For more than 25 years, Thyregod has worked to develop, produce and sell inter-row cultivators.

The acquisition includes all intellectual property rights to Thyregod’s inter-row cultivator product area; the TRV range including the Swingking. The spring of 2023 will be a transition period and Väderstad will take over the responsibility for the inter-row cultivator business June 1.

“This is a very good business opportunity. Thyregod’s inter-row cultivators are a perfect match to our current portfolio of Tempo planters and to our new technologies for seeding within the Proceed concept and for future sustainable and efficient farming. By doing this acquisition we significantly shorten our time to market within this segment. By leveraging our extensive and well-established network of dealers and importers, we will soon be able to offer these very capable machines to many new and existing customers in our various markets. We see potential for a very positive development with this new product segment,” says Henrik Gilstring, CEO of Väderstad Group.

“We have seen a big need to add inter-row crop cultivators to our product range, by speaking to our Tempo farmers and looking into the future we see a shift to more mechanical solutions for weed control. As there is usually a challenge to match an inter-row cultivator to a seeding machine, Väderstad can now offer farmers a complete solution. By adding an inter-row cultivator, we also optimize our future Proceed concept, which can be used in cereals,” says Wolfram Hastolz, Director Tillage Product Management at Väderstad.

For the initial part of the takeover, the inter-row cultivators will be sold under the Thyregod brand, and they will be manufactured in Thyregod’s production facilities in Denmark. From June 2024, they will carry the Väderstad brand, more details about this will be announced prior to Agritechnica 2023.

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