Lemken announced Jan. 5 it has reached an acquisition agreement with South African company Equalizer. With a focus on minimal ground disturbance to no-till farming, the Equalizer product range includes precision planters with up to 36 rows and seed drills with a working width of up to 24 meters. The acquisition is expected to be completed by spring 2023, once regulatory approvals have been obtained.

Lemken CEO Anthony van der Ley believes that the Equalizer portfolio perfectly complements the Lemken seed drill segment and constitutes an important building block for further growth. “There is no overlap in our portfolios. Equalizer offers solutions for customers and markets that Lemken has not been able to serve so far. In terms of our growth strategy, the Equalizer planters and seeders – also in combination with air carts – close a current gap in our product range.” An additional, optimal synergy arises for Lemken precision seeding technology, as the Delta-Row technology developed by Lemken is complemented by single-row technology established by Equalizer.

Equalizer was founded in Cape Town in 2000 and currently employs 180 people. The company serves not only its South African home market, where it is the market leader in precision seeding, but also Australia as its most important export market.

 The first definite project is the extensive expansion of spare parts logistics in 2023. All Equalizer’s local staff will be retained. Equalizer will continue to be led as an independent subsidiary by its current management, and the brand name will be preserved. Lemken will contribute its development, production and sales expertise to support Equalizer’s future growth.

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