According to multiple reports, AGCO manufacturing facilities in Marktoberdorf and Asbach-Bäumenheim, Germany, as well as the company's plant in Beauvais, France, have either restarted production or plan to next week following last week's ransomware attack.

A May 11 report from the German publication Allgäuer Zeitung stated Fendt's affected German manufacturing plants could be back up and running by next week, stating, "'The early shift should start on Monday,' say employees from several Fendt departments in Marktoberdorf. They were informed by their superiors on Wednesday afternoon that they should be ready. 

"It can also be heard from the plant in Asbach-Bäumenheim (Donau-Ries district) that the problems could be resolved by the beginning of next week."

The report stated AGCO had around 1,300 employees at its Bäumenheim plant and over 4,000 at its Marktoberdorf plant. 

A report from German publication BR24 stated, "the Central Office for Cybercrime Bavaria at the General Public Prosecutor's Office in Bamberg, together with the Kempten Criminal Investigation Department, is also investigating the Fendt case. A spokesman for the central office said when asked by BR that the investigation into the hacker attack was still in its infancy, so he was unable to provide reliable details at the moment."

A May 10 report from franceinfo stated the company's plant in Beauvais, France, had also been affected but had resumed activity as of May 10. The report claimed the ransomware attack had affected, "AGCO sites in the United States, Germany, China, Finland and France, in Beauvais, making computer servers inaccessible."