Cedar Falls, Iowa – March 10, 2022 –  AMOS Power has partnered with the engineering and prototyping teams at One3 Design and Redshield Electronics. The partnership released the two newest builds of their fully electric autonomous power unit, dubbed AMOS. AMOS (Autonomous, Modular, Omni-Scalable) is a tractor design equipped with a fully electric powertrain eliminating on-site operation through autonomous technology.

"AMOS offers not only electric power but also full autonomy, a combination currently not available on the market," says Clay Martin, director of business development for One3 Design.

AMOS serves as a strong marker of the future of autonomous vehicles and their ability to significantly impact agricultural industries. AMOS started as a design-build project that aims to solve a common engineering challenge: fitting tractor-quality power and capabilities onto a relatively small tractor frame.

"Due to its modular design, AMOS can be customized to fit the landscape of any field and meet any operation's needs," says One3 Design founder and CEO Tom Boe. 

The AMOS Power team engineered two models of AMOS, A3 and A4. The A3 model is capable of autonomously inter-seeding cover crop, mowing, spraying, and tilling vineyards. The A4 model is larger with tracks that can be configured to width settings between 54-120 inches. A4 has a width substantially wider than the A3 model with a track width of 42 inches. This detail makes the A4 model ideal for row crop applications.

Boasting 18 inches of ground clearance, A4 is prepared to challenge even the top diesel compact utility tractors. Both units offer 4-8 hour runtimes with a recharge time of 2 hours or less. The vehicles make 75-85 horsepower and are capable of detecting obstacles. They are fully autonomous, including trailer auto-load, field mapping and implement engagement.

The One3 Design and Redshield Electronics partnership allowed AMOS Power to overcome advanced obstacles that often come with designing and building compact modular vehicles. Together, the two companies built two “small” modular vehicles powerful enough to pull large loads along precise routes with an accuracy of +/- 1 inch.

"Advanced machine learning algorithms and state of the art stereo cameras enable AMOS to see, interpret and react to what is happening around the vehicle,” says Rhett Schildroth, CEO of Redshield Electronics.

The AMOS team relied heavily on the strong relationships that existed between prototyping, engineering and tooling professionals within their organization and their partners' organizations to accomplish the mission. The exercise of designing and engineering AMOS as an Omni-Scalable build sets the stage for the future of utilizing the technology across multiple platforms. Farmers can customize their AMOS model based on their specific needs.  

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