There is the old saying that "there is strength in numbers" and that "the work is lightened by having many hands." The recent merger of two John Deere dealerships into one not only makes perfect sense, but offers customers the expertise of Mike Hendy, Judy Austin, Scott Bair, Andy Giroux, and the staffs. Both businesses will be under the new name Mountain View Equipment.        

Mike Hendy will still serve as the Turf and Utility Equipment Sales Manager and Scott Blair will be the Agriculture Equipment Sales Manager. Andy Giroux will be the After Market Support Manager and Judy Austin will serve as the Administration/Office Manager.

About eight years ago, John Deere made the decision that all John Deere dealers will either be buyers or sellers and everyone involved with the merger felt this was the correct time to grow the business. In addition to allowing more control and diversity of direction, it allows the business to become the multi-store model that John Deere likes to see in agricultural regions like Addison County and New York State.

“The advantages of our merger will give customers additional access to new and used parts inventory,” shared Mike Hendy. “It will also allow us to offer more specialized training for employees, which will in turn allow us to provide better advice, purchase assistance, and after market support.” Hendy went on to explain that all current employees will stay and at Mountain View Equipment they will be adding a new agricultural sales person and a couple of new technicians. The business will still be at the four current locations of Route 7 in Middlebury, Route 4 in Rutland, Route 9 in Plattsburgh, and Route 11 in Malone. “Our message to the public is that we have a different name but we are the same dealership with the same good people,” remarked Mike Hendy. “We will build on our strengths and capabilities and that is good news for everyone. Our customers and employees for many years to come will see this merger as a strengthening of services being offered. We also welcome any other growth opportunity that may come along.”

So, while the name of the sign may look new, the people inside, the quality products, service, and knowledge are all still right there for the people on both sides of the lake as Hendy Brothers and Giroux merge with a new name of Mountain View Equipment! The Valley Voice offers its congratulations to all!