According to a Feb. 16, 2022, report from Zeebiz, Antony Cherukara, CEO of Indian tractor manufacturer VST Tillers Tractors, a recent investor in Monarch Tractor, stated Monarch would launch its all-electric, autonomous tractor in VST Tiller Tractor's fiscal year 2023. He also stated VST Tillers Tractors was supplying the powertrain for the Monarch Tractor.

Cherukara stated the following in the report regarding its involvement in Monarch Tractor:

We have already invested in an electric tractors company in the U.S. and are also working with them and are developing powertrain here and sending it to them, hopefully, we should be able to launch that product in the U.S. market in the next financial year. It is known as Monarch Tractors. We are responsible for its powertrains, so, we will be exporting the power train from India to the U.S. That is one aspect, however, electric tractor for India is something that we will be working on in the future.

Cherukara confirmed the facts of his statement in an email to Ag Equipment Intelligence. When asked for commentary, Monarch Tractor confirmed the company's electric tractor would launch in late 2022 and provided the following statement:

VST Tillers is a valued investor and partner of Monarch Tractor. We are looking to build upon that relationship and are currently negotiating an agreement with VST to provide tractor components and gear trains for our award-winning electric tractors.