CNH Industrial has announced a new strategic structure as an integral part of the Company’s transition into an organization that will lead in the agriculture and construction sectors following the spin-off of Iveco Group. 

This organization aims to accomplish key strategic objectives, all fulfilling CNH Industrial’s vision: Sustainably advancing the noble work of global agricultural and construction workers.

“We are implementing a new organizational structure, and enhancing our Senior Leadership Team, to elevate our focus on customers and dealers, improve productivity and accelerate profitable growth,” said Scott Wine, CEO, CNH Industrial. “This new structure fosters agility, eliminates unnecessary bureaucracy, and promotes clear accountability as we execute our strategic priorities and create value for our stakeholders.”

A New Organizational Model

CNH Industrial is committed to delivering the highest ethical standards and supporting its dealers and customers through a diverse and inclusive workforce, industry-leading technology, exceptional safety and quality, and unmatched innovation.

This structure embraces a lean and agile approach to business and delineates clear accountability. It includes the full list of appointments to the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

The CEO oversees three Global Business Units (GBUs), which are tasked with profitably and sustainably growing their businesses:

  • Agriculture – Derek Neilson, President
  • Construction – Stefano Pampalone, President
  • Financial Services – Oddone Incisa, President

The following areas, which report to the CEO, are integrated into the GBUs, driving strategic growth by swiftly identifying, creating, and deploying relevant solutions:

Corporate Regions

  • North America – Brad Crews, President
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa – Carlo Alberto Sisto, President
  • Latin America – Vilmar Fistarol, President
  • Asia Pacific – Chun Woytera, President

Business Functions

  • Digital & Precision – Parag Garg, Chief Digital Officer
  • Technology & Quality – Jay Iyengar, Chief Technology & Quality Officer
  • Supply Chain – Tom Verbaeten, Chief Supply Chain Officer
  • CNH Industrial Business System – Scott Moran, Chief CNH Industrial Business System Officer

Support Functions

  • Finance – Oddone Incisa, Chief Financial Officer
  • Human Resources – Kevin Barr, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • IT – Marc Kermisch, Chief Information Officer
  • Legal & Compliance – Roberto Russo, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer

Operating at global level in direct support of the CEO and the effective execution of the GBUs and Corporate Regions are the following Corporate Staff functions:

  • Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability and Transformation – Kelly Tolbert, Chief Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability and Transformation Officer
  • Corporate Development – Michele Lombardi, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development
  • Internal Audit – Carlo De Bernardi, Senior Vice President of Internal Audit
  • Communications – Laura Overall, Senior Vice President of Communications

“Our new streamlined structure will drive improved results by empowering front-line managers, accelerating decision-making across our organization, and holding us accountable to our customers,” said Wine. “I wish to congratulate the full SLT on their appointments and thank them for their strong leadership. Their comprehensive knowledge and diverse experience qualify them as the core group to lead us forward. With their guidance and our customer-centric mindset and structure, we are positioned to compete and win in our vast, global Agriculture and Construction Equipment markets.”