CNH Industrial Reman recently added a 3D printer to its manufacturing facility. With the technology growing at an incredible rate, the new 3D printer offers CNH Reman the capability to produce a vast array of complex and custom components, fixtures and tools.

As CNH Reman continues to develop its 3D printer capabilities and testing, the company anticipates expansion to production of component parts that will be assembled into high-quality, finished products for its customers.

“These components typically come at a high cost due to minimum buy quantity restrictions or vendor upcharge for a small batch. The 3D printer will allow us to produce lower volume components in our facility at a reduced cost,” said Jeremy Kelley, product engineering manager at CNH Industrial Reman. “The design flexibility will also allow our engineering team to make modifications to these components to improve performance and quality. In turn, producing a better product at a lower cost of ownership.”

In addition, each component, fixture or tool can also be produced almost immediately within the CNH Reman facility, which reduces cost and long lead times.

CNH Reman is currently working through the setup process and producing prototypes with the 3D printer. To date, CNH Reman successfully produced tooling and fixtures to aid with production and component measurement processes. As the technology continues to advance, CNH Reman believes 3D printers will offer multiple opportunities for advancement in reman products.

“The possibilities of 3D printing are nearly limitless,” said Kelley. “The expansion of material types and size envelope can offer an endless opportunity in reman product life. This will help to keep our customers’ machines running throughout their lifespan.”

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