Environmental Tillage Systems' (ETS) has announced a marketing partnership with Puck Custom Enterprises (PCE) of Manning, Iowa. Puck Custom Enterprises manufactures liquid manure handling equipment and custom manure application equipment. Environmental Tillage Systems manufactures zone tillage equipment and zone fertilizer incorporation equipment.

Through this partnership, PCE and ETS will provide pork and dairy producers with a system for field delivery and soil incorporation of livestock manure. Puck Custom Enterprises will be selling ETS's Honey Warrior zone tillage system, along with their state-of-the-art manure handling systems. PCE will also make the ETS Honey Warrior system available to their custom application customers.

ETS's Soil Warrior and Honey Warrior systems use patented, soil-friendly cog systems to blend crop nutrients throughout root zone of the soil, all within a low-impact, precision tillage system. One of the most effective methods of applying and retaining fertilizer including manure is to ensure that it’s well blended within the plant’s growth zone while leaving stalk residue on the soil surface. ETS’s Honey Warrior is specially designed to blend manure nutrients within the soil profile for natural corn fertility.

Puck Custom Enterprises is known within the pork and dairy industries as a certified custom applicator and a supplier of manure agitation, handling, delivery and field incorporation systems. Puck's system includes point-of-origin to point-of-field systems for liquid manure.

Puck's MobileStar system enables up-to-the-second electronic display and control of the complete manure delivery system from point-of-storage to point-of-application. From your tractor seat, users have live displays of inlet and outlet pressures, engine RPM, and flow for each pump to keep you informed. With an internet connection, you have control to start, stop, idle, throttle the engine and shut a gate on the pump unit.

Kevin Born, CEO of Environmental Tillage Systems, says, "We are proud to have this relationship with Ben Puck, his family, and the Puck Custom Enterprises team. Just like ETS, Puck Custom Enterprises was developed in the Corn Belt by a company who understands the need for high quality systems for today's farming operations. We believe that the incorporation of the Puck delivery system with the ETS Soil Warrior and Honey Warrior field incorporation system is a highly valuable combination for Ben’s customers and ours. Quality, innovation, reliability and service are hallmarks of both companies."

Handling, delivery and incorporation of liquid manure are about reliability, the ability to predictably manage the process, and about high volume and reliable field incorporation. According to Ben Puck, CEO and founder of Puck Custom Enterprises, the Puck Custom Enterprises system combined with the Honey Warrior tillage system is world class. "We have significant experience with Environmental Tillage Systems, and we believe the business relationship and product combination provides a valuable opportunity for our customers. We’ve been particularly impressed with the field incorporation and soil blending that we achieve through the use of ETS's Honey Warrior equipment."

With the Environmental Tillage System, nutrients can be blended vertically throughout the root growth zone extending from just below the soil surface to a depth of eight to 12 inches depending on the desired field setting. The patented ETS cogs are narrow and provide a surgical groove in the soil profile for each row. The rolling cogs gently stir the soil root zone, and also eliminate compaction beyond the tilled area through fracturing, allowing for maximum absorption and rapid incorporation of nutrients.

According to Craig Hiemstra, Vice President of Business Development for ETS, the Honey Warrior system allows for efficient, highly effective incorporation of liquid nutrients. "With the combined PCE and Honey Warrior system, Puck is applying greater than 2,000 gallons of liquid per minute with excellent results. The Soil Warrior field advantages over traditional application equipment are significant. The natural fertilizer application combined with the low impact zone tillage system provides not only seamless manure incorporation, but also increases soil organic matter, creating excellent soil growing conditions for crops that are planted in the tillage zone. The marketplace is responding very well to the partnership between Puck Customer Enterprises and Environmental Tillage Systems," says Hiemstra.

Puck manure handling systems integrated with the Environmental Tillage Systems Honey Warrior are immediately available through Puck Custom Enterprises.

Puck Custom Enterprises

Puck Custom Enterprises, Incorporated, is owned and operated by Ben and Kathy Puck in West Central Iowa. With more than three decades experience, Puck Custom Enterprises is an industry leader in the agitation, handling, delivery, and application of liquid manure for pork and dairy operations. PCE manufactures patented specialized tools including PCE swing pipe systems, Agitation Boats, MobileStar wireless pump controls, and more. For more information on Puck Customer Enterprises and their extensive line of products, visit www.puckenterprises.com.

Environmental Tillage Systems

Environmental Tillage Systems, headquartered in Faribault, Minnesota, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of row crop zone tillage equipment. The Soil Warrior has been built for leading producers throughout 19 states, four countries and three global continents. ETS is also the designer and manufacturer of the Honey Warrior system, now available through Puck Custom Enterprises. ETS is growing rapidly for one reason; superior field performance. ETS offers systems ranging from 12 to 60 feet, with row spacing ranging from 20 to 30 inches or greater. ETS field consultants are available at your convenience for on-farm demos of the Soil Warrior system. Keep abreast of Environmental Tillage Systems’ latest developments at www.soilwarrior.com.