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In this podcast, Titan Machinery released its first quarter earnings for fiscal year 2022, with all segments reporting growth except for the rental and other division.

This week's Dealers on the Move include Torgerson's, Hutson Inc. and Atlantic Tractor. Associate Research Editor Ben Thorpe takes a look at Deere's second quarter earnings and on the battle for market share between Deere and AGCO's Fendt brand.

Also in this episode, a closer look at the used high horsepower tractor market and Kubota's first quarter results. 

This episode of On the Record is brought to you by Agrisolutions.

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Weasler Engineering Logo


This episode of On the Record is brought to you by Agrisolutions.

Agrisolutions is the market leader in wearable parts, components, accessories and solutions for tillage, seeding, planting, fertilizing, hardware and inventory management solutions. Improve performance and durability with a wide range of in-field and extended life solutions. To learn more about Agrisolutions and their globally recognized brands, such as Bellota, Ingersoll Tillage and Trinity Logistics, visit

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