According to the latest USDA Crop Progress report, some 3% of corn has emerged in the week ended April 25, in line with the 3% emerged in the same week last year but below the 5-year average of 4%. Texas took the lead with 54% of its corn emerged, up from 52% planted in the same period last year.

Some 17% of corn was reported planted, up from 8% last week but below the 24% reported this time last year.

USDA also reported 8% of soybeans have been planted, an increase from the 7% planted by this point last year. Mississippi reported 37% of its soybeans planted as of April 25, followed by Arkansas at 26% and Illinois at 18%. 

According to the report, 12% of cotton has been planted, below the 13% reported planted in the same week last year. Arizona reported 53% of its cotton planted as of April 25, followed by California with 50% planted.

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