Momentum for autonomy in ag continues to accelerate with driverless systems being developed and demonstrated. However, over the past 6 months, companies have adapted the pace of progress to accommodate the unavoidable impact of COVID-19.

Tim Norris, business development manager for Raven Autonomy, works to develop the company’s dealer network by scouting and researching prospective partners. Like many, Norris — former CEO of Ag Info Tech — has been working from his home in Mount Vernon, Ohio, but his strategy to develop the seller market in autonomy continues.

He and his team have has pushed forward with coordinating opportunities to showcase the company’s AutoCart and DOT platforms. With uncertainty surrounding summer and fall farm shows, strategizing targeted demonstrations with select dealers is a priority.

“One of the things that we're trying to do is we implemented a dealer demo program where we want every dealer, to basically buy a demo system. We gave it to them at a pretty good discount so that people can see it, because this technology is something that people have to see. So because of those farm shows possibly being canceled, we've decided to do a lot of dealer events with their demo system. Instead of inviting a whole big group in and just doing it all in one day, let’s do it over two or three days and invite several groups of 10 or less people to come in. I think, it will provide a more intimate experience that way than we would if we'd just have one big event where we had a hundred people.”

Norris adds that the road shows will complement the company’s continued beta testing of autonomous systems at locations in Sioux Falls, S.D. and in California.

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