AGuru Machinery today announces their launch to the public, after 3 years of research and development to prepare. AGuru Machinery is a group of soil, seed and equipment professionals who have come together to do strip-till, better. Their mission is to Eliminate Compromise with Ingenuity, focused on strip-till practices and equipment.

Through extensive knowledge and continuing market, soil and equipment research, they have focused on three areas where farmers have been forced to accept compromise in strip-till.

  • Dependability
    • High-acre professional farmers cannot accept a compromise of anything less than the level of machinery they get from their primary OEM.
    • AGuru Machinery provides engineered strength, backed by high level manufacturing quality, for long machine life and low long term costs.
  • Productivity
    • In extensive conversations with strip-tillers throughout the Corn Belt and beyond, a recurring theme is they cannot get the strip-till done in the weather and operating windows they have, which makes strip-till not feasible as a mainstream practice.
    • AGuru Machinery has focused extensively on widening the operating window, into more difficult weather, soil and residue/cover crop conditions, including being able to run both fall and spring with the same machine.
  • Agronomics
    • Agronomics are what drive economics — we grow a crop for our livelihood. Strip-till has to provide all of the advantages of both no-till and mulch-till, consistently in all operating conditions.
    • AGuru Machinery has focused their product development on managing residue, creating an optimum root zone, feeding the crop and making the ideal planter ready seedbed.

Stay tuned – there is more to see and hear from AGuru Machinery.