The USDA Crop Progress report for the week ended May 3, 2020 showed planting progress for both corn and soybeans above progress for the same week last year, as well as above their respective five year averages.

The report showed 51% of corn planted, up from 27% in the week before. This was also above the 21% planted this time last year and the 39% five year average. The frontrunners for corn planting were Minnesota at 76% planted, Iowa at 78% and North Carolina at 79%.

Corn emergence was at 8%, up from 3% last week and above the 5% planted this time last year. It did not exceed the five year average of 10%. North Carolina and Texas had the most corn emerged at 57% and 56%, respectively. 

Soybean planting progressed to 23% planted, well above the 8% in the previous week, the 5% this time last year and five year average of 11%. Louisiana and Mississippi reported the most soybeans planted, at 51% and 46%, respectively.

Cotton planting was reported at 18%, up from 13% last week. Cotton planting also exceeded the 16% planted this time last year, and the 17% five year average. 

Sorghum planting reached 22% up slightly from 20% in the previous week and 21% in the same week last year. This was below the five year average of 26%.

Sugarbeet planting was reported at 49% planted, up from 37% last week. Sugarbeet progress continued to exceed last year's planting pace (29% this time last year) but fall below the five year average (63%).

Winter wheat planting progress was at 32% from 21% last week. This was above the 26% from this time last week but below the 38% five year average.