Seguin, Texas — Alamo Group has announced several of its manufacturing operations are either temporarily closed or reducing their level of production due to repercussions from the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the company's products have been deemed essential in the various jurisdictions where the company operates, so while many of Alamo Group's facilities continue to operate with minimal disruption, several locations are operating at reduced capacity or are temporarily closed due to a combination of health concerns, government directives, supply chain disruptions and customer restrictions.

Previously, the Alamo Group announced the temporary closure of its facilities in France, and while those facilities remain closed, there are plans to resume limited production in the second half of April. Additionally, Alamo's two UK facilities will be temporarily closing this week, but like its French operations, expect to be operational by the second half of April or as of such time as the impacts of coronavirus are mitigated. In North America, the company's Super Products Plant near Milwaukee also closed temporarily on March 23, but is expected to reopen in a few days, and several of the company's other operations are furloughing some of their workforce temporarily due to the factors listed above.

All of the company's plants are experiencing somewhat higher levels of employee absences, as some employees are self-quarantining, others are staying home to care for children out of school and still others are out for normal reasons of absence. Alamo Group has approximately 500 employees working remotely and that number is growing daily as conditions allow.

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