Sioux Falls, S.D. — Raven Industries has partnered with Razor Tracking, a SaaS and mobile application based fleet tracking and management system, to provide ag retailers and enterprise farms with an expanded fleet and asset tracking suite through the company’s Slingshot platform.

As a result of this partnership, Slingshot Fleet Tracking will be available as the integrated logistics tracking component of the Raven Slingshot platform. Slingshot Fleet Tracking allows users to wirelessly connect their office to the field by providing location and machine running data in real-time. This partnership gives ag retailers and growers immediate fleet information (including work, idle and transit times) to better manage their equipment, assets and operations.

“From machine performance to diagnostics, and now expanded tracking of both in-field and operation support assets, users of Raven’s Connected Workflow can expect 20% efficiencies gained when using the technology delivered through the integrated Slingshot platform," said Paul Welbig, director of Slingshot Services & Logistics for Raven Applied Technology.

By leveraging Razor Tracking’s capabilities, Slingshot Fleet Tracking provides users with real-time data on where their vehicles and assets are located to better maintain schedules for dispatching and increase overall efficiency. In addition to monitoring Raven-equipped machines, users can now monitor non-Raven equipped assets, including other battery-connected equipment (tender trucks) and non-powered equipment (trailers, tanks and tool bars).

Customers will be able to subscribe to Slingshot Fleet Tracking to utilize it in their own operations beginning June 2020.

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