According to a report from AgriLand, John Deere had the most tractors registered in Ireland in 2019, with Massey Ferguson following in a close second. The report noted some errors in tractor registration categories in the raw data and attempted to correct for them, as well as noting that data used went up to “mid-to-late December” registration and not the full calendar year.

According to available data, Deere had 406 registered “agricultural tractors” in 2019 (after removing incorrect and “compact” tractors), while Massey Ferguson totaled 401 registrations in the same period.

New Holland came in third with 340 tractor registrations after corrections, 64 registrations less than Deere. However, a separate report from AgriLand found that the New Holland T7.210 was the most registered tractor in Ireland in 2019, coming in at 78 new units registered. Deere’s 6120M tractor came in with 55 new registrations in 2019.