SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Raven Industries (NASDAQ:RAVN) announced that it has named Wade Robey as executive director of its Raven Autonomy group.

Raven Autonomy, one of the company’s two recently announced strategic platforms for growth. This segment of the business is part of the company’s Applied Technology Division with the goal of becoming the industry leader in autonomous agricultural solutions. This strategic growth platform builds upon the Division’s existing machine control technology, while also innovating smart machine platforms/implements to achieve fully-autonomous solutions across the farming enterprise.

In this role, Robey will oversee and direct all business development and operational efforts related to accelerating autonomous agricultural solutions to the marketplace. Brian Meyer, vice president of Raven Applied Technology said, “He [Robey] has proven himself to be an innovative and collaborative business leader — and under his leadership, Raven Autonomy is well-poised for long term success.” Robey previously served as director of engineering and director of product management & business development for the company. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Sciences and a Master of Science in Avian Physiology from Auburn University and Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Nutrition from Virginia Tech.