Luigi Blasi and Carlo Tonutti have entered into an agreement that binds their respective companies, Progroup with brands Bargam, Projet, Oma, Rimeco, Agricom, Protek and Tonutti Wolagri with the same name brand.

Carlo Tonutti, the president of Tonutti Wolagri, a company founded in 1864 by the Knight of Labour Gino Tonutti and a leading company in the production of haymaking machines with major production and sales based in United States and Russia, commented, "With this agreement, our distribution network has reached a considerable capillarity that enables us to be even more incisive in our marketing and product range policies. Our industrial aggregation project has taken another step forward and has strengthened our position on the international market, fostered and increased our cross-selling abilities, enabled the group to grow and has given us a complete and excellent product line".

Luigi Blasi, president of the Progroup, affirmed, “Taking part in Tonutti Wolagri is the result of a share of intent with its president Carlo Tonutti, a serious, professional, competent and respected person. This will lead to important industrial and commercial synergies, advantages in the research and development of new products and new technologies, and a greater presence and penetration of both national and international markets.”

Blasi also adds, "I am very pleased for having entered into this agreement with Carlo Tonutti. The growth process of the companies will continue with more acquisitions or mergers in order to further broaden the product range and strengthen the market presence."

Branches Throughout the World

The new group will have 500 employees working at 5 branches throughout the world and 7 production units with 85,000 square meters of industrial plants located in Imola-Bologna, Remanzacco-Udine, Jesi-Ancona, Manduria-Taranto, Suzzara-Mantua and Memphis-USA. There is also another site in Krasnokamsk in Russia operating since 1995, where the production capacity is continuing to expand.

This new configuration will not only enable the company to strengthen its presence in the domestic market, but also to expand and strengthen its international presence. From the United States to Russia while passing through the Italian quality and know-how, this is the real strength of the new partnership.