Agrisolutions, a manufacturer of ground engaging farm equipment, opened its new 110,000 square foot facility in Rock Island, Ill. Their previous site, in Milan, Ill., was about one-fourth the size.    

The new Agrisolutions facility in Rock Island was turned around quickly after work started in the fall of last year. The new facility has already drawn new investment. The robotics alone cost more than $1 million, said Tim Dunn, president of Trinity Logistics, a Quad-Cities brand acquired by Agrisolutions last year.

Agrisolutions produces steel disc blades and are one example of the company’s parts manufacturing, an operation that is closely tied to John Deere & Co. The vast majority of the blades will be sold to Deere. Agrisolutions has been manufacturing discs in the Quad-Cities since 2008. The company has made “partner status” with Deere for 8 years, a reflection of its close ties to the ag behemoth.

The size of the new space will yield other benefits, including new equipment arrangements that will boost efficiency, workers said.

At its spacious new home, Agrisolutions has quintupled its number of shipping docks to 10. Company leaders said they hope to more than triple employment from 30 workers to around 100 employees over the next few years. The new Rock Island facility also has around 30,000 square feet of empty space waiting to be filled with equipment and workers.