In April 2019, Clean Seed was unable to provide financing for the acquisition. Harvest International retained its designs to the Harvest designed planters and the intellectual property surrounding those planters. Clean Seed must now return all of Harvest International’s materials and will no longer be able to use Harvest International’s patented row units, tool bars or other developments going forward.

To ensure return and discontinue further use, Harvest International has filed suit against Clean Seed in the Northern District of Iowa alleging fraud in the inducement, breach of the confidentiality agreement, trade secret misappropriation, replevin (seeking return of its equipment) and for libel.

Harvest International was formed in 2007, led by Garry Friesen, Byron Friesen and Jeff Sivinski. 

For more information and for any questions, contact R. Scott Johnson, Legal Counsel for Harvest International by calling (515) 288-3667.