While U.S. corn and soybeans picked up some momentum moving toward harvest, comparatively they remain far behind where they should be at this point in the growing season.

USDA reports that, as of July 28, 58% of corn acres are silking. This up for 35% in the week prior, but far beyond the 90% a year earlier and the 5 year average of 83% for this date. The percentage of the corn crop doughing is also behind what is more typical for this date, but not as dramatically behind as silking. USDA estimates that currently 13% of the corn crop is in the dough stage. This up from the previous weeks’ 5%, but down from 35% a year ago, as well as the 5 year average of 23%.

There was essentially no change in the overall condition of the 2019 corn crop at this point vs. the previous week. Some 57% is rated a “good” (47%) and “excellent” (11%). A year ago, 72% was reported to be “good” (50%) and “excellent” (22%).

USDA is painting a similar picture for soybeans. Currently, 57% are blooming. A week earlier, 40% was blooming. Again, soybeans are far behind the pace set in 2018 when 85% was blooming on this date. The 5 year average for the end of July is 79%. In terms of setting pods, only 21% are at this stage as of last Sunday. This is up from 7% in the previous week, 58% a year ago and the 5 year average of 45%

No change was seen in the overall condition of this year’s soybean crop. According to USDA, 54% is in “good” (45%) and “excellent” (9%) condition. The previous year on this date, the condition of the soybean crop was rated as 70% in “good” (53%) and “excellent” (17%).