Two Midwest manufacturers, Allis Roller and HCC Inc., have begun a joint venture in Brazil. The new operation, called Allis Roller HCC, will focus primarily on serving major agricultural equipment manufacturers operating in South America, with the potential to expand into other industries.

The joint venture will allow product localization, which will provide lower shipping costs and improved customer service to several of large customers that are already established in South America. This will also allow both manufacturers involved to respond quickly to market changes.

Since 1883, HCC has been a innovator in agricultural harvesting equipment and farm equipment products, specializing in the design and manufacture of complex assemblies. Today, HCC manufacturers agricultural harvesting equipment such as reels, sieves, chaffers and other innovative products for combines. In 2012, HCC started its manufacturing operation in Curitiba, Brazil for reels, sieves and chaffers.

Allis Roller is a manufacturer and welder of custom, complex machine parts and rollers for agricultural, construction and industrial industries. Our engineering expertise enables us to create precision machine parts for especially unique applications.