The Amity brand of seeding tools is reintroducing the Concord brand, a name associated with the original development of air seeding technology. With this change, effective for model year 2020, all air drills and air carts that are manufactured by AGCO-Amity JV, LLC in Wahpeton, N.D., and previously would have been branded as Amity, will now be given the Concord name.

Concord Brand History

Concord Inc. was founded in 1977 by Howard and Brian Dahl, who led the introduction of air seeding equipment into the North American marketplace, as well as internationally. Its products were instrumental in helping producers seed and fertilize small grains and oilseed crops on increasingly large acreage vs. traditional box drills. Concord was the first to manufacture an air drill with row-by-row packing and precision depth control, the first to put down fertilizer below the seed at the same time as planting, and the first to build a machine that could change seeding and fertilizing rates on the go.

In 1996 Concord was sold to Case Corp., but the remaining assets and staff were used to launch Amity Technology. In 2007,  Amity Technology acquired Fargo Products, an air seeder and cart manufacturer and entered into a joint venture with AGCO in 2011. Over the years, the Amity lineup has continued to expand its product offering to include single- and double-disc drills, air-till drills, precision shank drills, and a line of air carts with up to three tank compartments and capacities up to 525 bushels. The brand has continued to lead the way in the development of new air seeding technologies as well, such as section control, curve compensation, relative flow monitoring and more.

A New Beginning

To coincide with the launch of the new brand, Concord is announcing major updates to its narrow-transport disc drill with 175 bushel integral tank, now known as the NT30. Some of the key updates include a simplified air distribution design and improved hose routing for better material flow and easier maintenance.

Additionally, Concord is introducing the availability of the Heads-Up (HD) Opener option for its disc drills for 2019. “The Heads-Up Opener is an innovative, heavy duty, double-disc opener that was developed for box drills several years ago by AGCO, and we’ve successfully added it to our disc drill toolbar,” said Ben Sander, marketing manager for Concord. “It has unprecedented ground following capabilities, making it the best solution for terraces and uneven land. We’re very excited to build on the Concord legacy with the new Heads-Up Opener option and updates to the NT30 disc drill.”

Concord equipment will be sold and serviced throughout the current Amity seeding established dealer network. Owners of existing Amity-branded equipment will continue to receive full support through Concord dealers and the brand’s headquarters. For more information, visit