CNH Industrial has played a major role in the creation of ConectarAGRO, a consortium of eight partners from the agribusiness and telecommunications fields, whose aim is to bring open connectivity solutions to all the agricultural regions of Brazil.

According to CNHI, this initiative will enable rural producers to fully benefit from today's precision farming, digital and automated technological resources, while gaining access to a full range of new products and services enabled by connectivity, which will result in business optimization. This initiative will further optimize Case IH and New Holland’s agricultural machinery, Case Construction Equipment,d New Holland Construction machines and IVECO commercial vehicles.

“The system will provide connectivity for the entire farm fleet, bringing together equipment, people and other devices under a single system,” said Gregory Riordan, director of Digital Technologies at CNH Industrial, South America. “In this sense, ConectarAGRO will be key to Brazilian agribusinesses as they aim to further increase their global productivity and competitiveness.” 

ConectarAGRO will promote open and standardized technologies, allowing more freedom and flexibility for the farmer, the ultimate user of these technologies. The company says this concept is what sets ConectarAGRO apart from other technological solutions already available — most of which follow a “closed” logic therefore limiting interoperability of multiple systems, requiring higher investments and complicating their large scale implementation. 

For this initiative, CNH Industrial has partnered with AGCO, Bayer, Jacto, Nokia, Solinftec, TIM and Trimble. The diversity, competencies and common interests of the companies involved, which have combined their efforts in an unprecedented initiative, creates the environment to better understand the issue of connectivity in the Brazilian agricultural sector from different perspectives, thereby facilitating an effective strategy to find solutions and benefit domestic agribusinesses.

Each company involved in ConectarAGRO will contribute its expertise and market experience to help create a favorable ecosystem and improve and develop conditions for connectivity in the sector. There will be no joint development programs, nor production or marketing of equipment, products or services by these companies, which will continue to operate independently, without combining economic activities or sharing risks or results.

The agreement to implement this initiative will be entered into in accordance with Brazilian law.