LandPro Equipment is pleased to announce the purchase of BCA Ag Technologies of Albion, N.Y. The BCA team will now lead the Ag Technologies division of LandPro Equipment.

Ben and Chris Flansburg created BCA Ag technologies in 2008. Ben will be managing the newly formed Ag Technologies division of LandPro. He has a degree in Agriculture Sciences from Cornell University. Chris will lead the Agronomy and Data Management portion of the division. Chris brings with him a degree in Agronomy and Horticulture from Iowa State University. He is a Certified Crop Advisor. 

“We offer a wide variety of solutions to our customers to help them become more efficient and ultimately more profitable. We’re excited to integrate those solutions into the LandPro operations.” Said Ben Flansburg, BCA Co-Founder.

According to Tracy Buck, President of LandPro Equipment, “Ag Technology has come to play a significant role in the agriculture industry, especially as customers struggle with low milk and commodity prices. LandPro felt a responsibility to continue to get better at helping our customers in their use of technology. We believe that BCA will help our customers increase their efficiency and productivity, ultimately adding to their bottom line.”

“Both companies were built and have grown their reputations through a continued focus on customer service.  We’re confident that the combination of these two companies will be an overwhelmingly positive experience for our customers and employees.” Said Ryan Payment, Vice President of LandPro Equipment.

Tracy continued, “This acquisition propels us ahead rapidly on the technologies side of our business. It has always been our goal to help customers improve their efficiencies. We now have the team in place that can train our customers to fully utilize and integrate technology with their equipment.”

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