MILWAUKEE, Wis. — The Assn. of Equipment Manufacturers' (AEM) U.S. Ag Tractor and Combine Report from November shows overall sales remained positive year-to-date.

U.S. Sales of self-propelled combines gained 9.2% in November compared to last year, and U.S. sales of 4WD tractors increased 60.7% month-over-month. November year-to-date U.S. sales showed a 16.6% growth for combines and 15.9% growth for 4WD tractors.

Total November sales of 2WD tractors declined 0.9% compared to last year: a 2% gain for under-40 HP tractors, a 7.8% drop for 40-100 HP tractors, and a 4.4% gain for 100-plus HP tractors.

November year-to-date growth for overall U.S. sales of 2WD tractors grew 6.9%; under-40 HP tractors gained 9.3%; 40-100 HP tractors increased 1.4%; and 100-plus HP tractors grew 5.5%.

"Equipment sales overall have been resilient this year, but we are starting to see some softening s the year winds down. Trade issues remain a major concern, especially the uncertainty caused by tensions with China. On a brighter note, we are encouraged by the administration's efforts regarding year-round availability of E-15 fuel. And we're urging swift action on the farm bill to provide some stability for farmers dealing with uncertain markets and lower farm income," said Curt Blades, AEM senior vice president, Ag services.

The full report can be found on the Market Data section of the AEM website under Ag Tractor and Combine Reports.