Despite ongoing rain, harvesting of corn and soybeans picked up the pace in the past week and the finish line for both crops in almost in sight.

According to USDA, as of Nov. 4, 76% of corn acres had been harvested. This up 13% from the previous week, up from a year ago when 66% of corn had been cut, but just slightly behind the 5 year average of 77%.

Iowa growers made up a lot of ground (+23%) in the past week, from 49% in the bin a week ago to 72% as of this past Sunday. Illinois, on the other hand, which has led in acres harvested for much of the season, saw only a 4% increase from the previous week from 89% to 93% reported as of this past Sunday. Still lagging, but making progress, includes South Dakota, at 59% is up from 41% in the past week. Wisconsin, too, has seen 59% of its corn crop harvested up to now, up from 46% in the previous week. Michigan grower have 57% of their corn cut, up from 46% a week earlier.

For soybeans, 83% of acres are in the bin. This compares with 72% the week before, 89% on this date a year ago and the 5 year average of 89%. Illinois has harvested 92% of its soybeans, so far, up 6% in the past week, but Iowa producers picked up a lot of ground. They now have 88% of their soybeans harvested, up from 71% the week before.

Even in North Carolina, where Hurricane Florence created so much devastation,  growers are catching up on their corn harvest, but soybeans are more of a challenge. So far, 98% of North Carolina’s corn crop had been harvested as of Sunday. On the other hand, less than half (45%) of its soybeans are out of the field.