SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Raven Industries and Topcon Agriculture, both leaders in the precision agriculture market, announced today a licensing agreement for Topcon Agriculture’s use of the Slingshot Application Programming Interface (API) in its various software platforms. The Slingshot API is a software-to-software interface that benefits the end-user by providing a simple and seamless way for sharing data between software systems.

With the Slingshot API, a partner like Topcon Ag is able to provide data through a wireless connection with compatible Raven hardware in the field and offer a seamless integration of their solution to their customers. Additionally, customers can access the necessary tools and data with the use of Slingshot.

“We’re excited to add Topcon Ag to our expanding ecosystem of partners for Slingshot,” says Paul Welbig, Director of Slingshot Services and Logistics.  “We share a common vision to make it easy for customers to share data across platforms and this is a great example of that in action.”

“Topcon Ag’s strategy as it relates to our new digital solution, Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP), is one of partnerships, connectivity, and collaboration. This partnership with Raven embodies that philosophy ideally. It demonstrates that two companies, competing in the same space, can collaborate to provide additional value to the producer, dealer, and OEM,” said Brian Sorbe, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Topcon Agriculture.